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Hey guys, I just wanted you all to know that I was starting again to work on the map, prepare for more awesome content ;)

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It has been quite a long time I didnt opened the Warcraft 3 World Editor but my last game session definitivly convinced me to update this atleast once again...

Hope you will like it !

Here is what was planned : (I already told it but I repeat for those who missed it )

-A total refont of Denerim (much more lore wise)
-An incredible new tech tree :

*One full research center level by tier for each race (human, dwarf, darkspawn, elves, werewolves, undead...)

*Tier 2 research unlocked by researching atleast 3 items in Tier 1, Tier 3 unlocked with 4 Tier 2 research, etc....

*A special research center for each elite unit

*2 units by tier for each factions to make the research really interrestingAnd more to discover...-New items and quest for Gray.

-New path for each factions !(+new events !)

-Tons of new units and heroes... as always !

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