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A bit of an update of what's been going on for the past five months.

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Well, long time no see. I'll just get straight down to a list of what's been going on.

  • A lot of art assets have been made, and the character designs have been remade to made them look less freakish.
  • The basic unity demo is up and running, there are minimal bugs in this build so the next stage is putting in the new UI as seen in the media gallery.
  • A greenlight page has been made.

That's basically it, doesn't seem like a lot but quite a bit of work has been done to get to this stage, and a lot more work is still yet to be done.

The unity demo was just recently finished, so there won't be any major updates to that for a while, but I'll still be making some new assets now and then and posting them here.

So to sum up, slow but steady progress.

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