I'm not quite sure if this is allowed, but i've been distracted by thoughts of a game I had in mind since 2007. Figured i'd post it up here to see what everyone thinks of it. Game is DRAGON based.

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ANYONE can take this idea and create it- i'd love you forever if this was made eventually- even if you made a profit from it, i'll buy it to play XD

There just aren't enough fantasy games that focus on Dragon species, including fantasy games that offer a playable Dragon race. So, figured i'd throw this up and see what you guys think of it :)

This will never see the light of day in game form because I do not have the skills required or the money to make it happen ha ha


-None so far as i've forgotten what I had in mind :(

Game features:

-Fame system (Actions speak louder than words ;3 )

-Conversation wheel (Like Mass Effect/Star Wars: The Old Republic)




-Decapitation/Limb loss (Revert to last save on Single player if you can't get somewhere safe to be fixed with a prosthetic) (Simply lose the match in multiplayer)

-Day/Night cycle (Stat bonuses and penalties)

-Weather system (Stat bonuses and penalties)

-World constantly changing when you explore or do certain things.

-Various creatures, some that hunt you if you stay in an area for too long (like people in MMO's that idle in a 'safe' spot)

Humanoid Dragon Customization options:

-Body/Face paint (Can even manually paint the details on, using a color picker with recent history so you don't have to guess the color to add it elsewhere)

-Body/Face scars (Presets, max of 5 on body)

-Point and click spikes (anywhere on body, can enable symmetry for easier placement), max of 12 small/medium spikes, 2 large spikes, horn presets (including broken horns)

-Height adjustment between 6'0 and 7'5.

-Muscle mass (between athletic and bulky) (Stat bonuses and penalties)

-Face adjustment

-Prosthetic limbs (Stat bonuses and penalties )

-Eye variation (including blindness, Stat bonuses and penalties )

-If you don't want to use any weapons, you can use fists, feet, claws, teeth, head (headbutt) and tail

-Various subspecies that open up different color palettes and abilities/stats

Things you can do:

-Enter AI/Multiplayer tournaments for 'fame'
-Build a house
-Start a family (If the parents are both non-ai, the kids have better stats and you get more fame )
-Start a village (that can evolve into a town, followed by a city)
-Run a business
-Start a profession
-Invest in technology/medicine/science
-Become a ruler
-Become a destroyer (Destroy the whole world if you want XD )

Game would play in third and first person- first person would be kinda wonky though.

If it was actually made, i'd introduce humans and other races over time as story points caused by exploration or inactivity.

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