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The new Double Action: Boogaloo update has a new game mode, updated maps and graphics, and a voting system.

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The Greek letter Epsilon is typically used to represent small values in mathematics, so I have no idea why it's the name of a large update to Double Action: Boogaloo, with updated slowmo and deathcam shaders. Also, there's a new style skill active shader. Also, a new mini-objective: Wanted mode. Also, a voting system, wherein players can vote for new map, kick player, or start TDM mode. Also, there's a ton of other little things too long to list here. You can download it on our downloads page.

Also, we're testing a new update installer, which is a bit smaller but requires the previous version of DA to install over. If you're interested in trying that out, you can find a link to it in this post.

Also, we have a new Facebook page, for if you have blue thumbs and you like pointing them up things.

Also, we're officially having weekly playtest sessions on Saturdays. You can find a countdown timer to the next playtest on the lower left of the DA website. Also, if you join our Steam group we announce playtests there.

Also, have fun.

RocketSurgery - - 186 comments

look cool, keep at it

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Guest - - 699,659 comments

I can't wait for this to come out of beta :D

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