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The current images may have lead people to think that this is just another clone war mod. It is not.

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This mod focuses on strengthening the game play of FOC as well as adding a few new ideas on how the game should work. The current images of the v19b and republic space stations are not of a new faction, but of currently skirmish only addons. The space station is an experiment which allows the player to build a second space station where ever they want and to upgrade it as well in order to gain access to new ships, such as the v19b bomber.

Each faction is receiving new ships based on where they would actually get these ships. So the new ships for each faction are as follows, with a little variance; Rebels use clone war tech, Consortium uses Mandalorian tech, and the Empire uses Imperial and Sith tech for the most part.

I am still open to suggestions and comments that will help this mod grow into one that will hopefully be both enjoyable for me and you as well. But remember I can't please everyone with this mod so please don't be offend if your ideas or suggestions don't make it into the final.

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