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Warrior Shamans? Night Elves? Norse Einherjar? Sign me up! But maybe I should know a little about them? Read down below!

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Warrior Shaman

Cuidich dhuinn a bhuannaich am blàr seo guidheam O Thor, Mac Odin. This is how the Warrior Shaman starts off the day with a prayer to the mighty god Thor. Armed with a spear and a short sword they execute tactics amazingly. Upon command these shamans circle up and have two layers of Spearmen protecting them. When the first layer falls the second layer draws their swords and begin to fight. Those in the middle begin to chant. This chant increases Moral of nearby units by 1 and decreases enemy Moral by 2.

Norse Einherjar

The Einherjar, Odins chosen warriors. When brave Norse soldiers die a selfless and courageous death and this death is seen by a Valkyrie they are taken to Valhalla to await Ragnarok. During Ragnarok the end of all times they will be called upon by the Gods to fight the Giants and the traitor Loki. Equipped with a magical sword and a shield blessed by Odin, they are experts at routing monsters and even humans back to their homelands.

Night Elf Bowmen

The Night Elves, While usually counted as enemies of Odin and the Gods have decided to join with the Norse armies because their enemies, the Ice Giants have begun stirring. In response to this the Elves Immediately sent their best troops - the Night-Elf Bowmen. Able to launch arrow after arrow very quickly these units are very useful when trying to skirmish enemies. When nor in ranged combat they draw their short swords and begin to slash their enemies to bits.

Norse Bowmen

As powerful as the Einherjar are even they need some one to look up to so enter the Norse Bowmen. Equipped with a long bow and a sword these men are able to wear down enemies from a far and then charge forward and strike. These Bowmens arrows are silver tips so they are effective against Lycanthropes.

I will be putting out unit descriptions 3 days a week. So please follow us and come back! Posts will be Monday,Wednesday, And Friday.

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