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NordInvasion Client Release: 1.4.1 "New features & Maps"

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NordInvasion 1.4.1

1.4.1 Client Release


  • Reload gear button
  • Friendly fire handling
  • Player report overhaul
  • Map updates
  • Miscellaneous

Reload gear button

The character screen has a new button - Reload. Pressing the reload button causes your gear in-game to update with whatever you have equipped on the website. No more having to rejoin or die to update your gear! (Note: You do still need to respawn the items. This makes sure you have the most up to date set of gear when you do.)

Friendly fire handling

The friendly fire hits are now handled by a custom system instead of the default Warband system. This gives us better control over the damage reflected (now 10% of your health each hit) and lets us do some other interesting things.

Player report overhaul

The player report option now asks why you are reporting the player and lets you add more information. When you submit the report, our admin team gets a notification with the player and server information as well as the reasons you provided. No need to tab out to ask for an admin.

Map updates

No patch would be complete without a few map fixes...

  • Dills and Hills
  • Fortress Under Siege
  • Graubergen
  • Handes Retreat
  • Hypers Castle
  • Hypers Hell
  • King of the Hill
  • Kings Castleyard
  • Lake Town
  • Medieval Fields
  • Mountain Outpost
  • Offshore
  • Royal Observatory
  • Senuzgda Cavern
  • Swadian City
  • Swadian Folly
  • Swadian Mines
  • Swadian Night Raid
  • Swadian Outskirts
  • Swadian Overgrown
  • Swadian Village
  • The First Defence
  • The Forgotten Bay

We also have two new maps for standard rotation...

  • Nordic Village
  • Swadian Lighthouse


  • The Spear's overhead attack now deals pierce damage.
  • The Heavy Sallet's writing has been is supposed to have been erased. (Seems this is coming in the next bug fix.)
  • Mappers have a new scene prop - projectile_box_barrier.
  • Unnecessary menu items (single player items for instance) have been hidden in other languages as they have been in English.
  • Game modes are set differently in the configs. One of the up-shots of this is the server list displays the actual game mode instead of the map twice.
  • One or two texture optimizations.
  • Again, many behind the scenes changes to the code which, if done properly, will never be noticed in-game.
  • Cavalry mode has been fixed.
  • Using the Respawn Items button no longer double-kills you.
  • With the double-kill problem solved, the early Nord victory and round reset problem has also been solved.
  • This time, the Heavy Sallet actually does have it's writing removed.
  • The friendly-fire system now deals up to 10% of your health instead of exactly 10% of your health.

Note: If you try to join a server without updating, your game will crash.

- The NI Team

NordInvasion 1.4.1

The NordInvasion updater is available here

The full patch is available here

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