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Finally put everything together, fixed all bugs and added all necessary features to release first official version of Non - a cross-platform game and visualization development engine what supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS as target platforms.

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# about

Non is a cross-platform game and visualization development engine. It currently supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS as target platforms.

Non allows you to write your code once and deploy it to multiple platforms without modification. Instead of waiting for your latest modifications to be deployed to your device, you can benefit from an extremely fast iteration cycle by coding your application mainly in a desktop environment. You can choose your favorite scripting language from supported ones to be as productive as you can be.

Non lets you go as low-level as you want, using our plugin system you can use full power of Java and Libgdx, giving you direct access to file systems, input devices, audio devices and OpenGL. Also, Non don't force you to use his pre-built features, as they are all simply plugins, so you can replace, change or remove them without any errors.

Non is something between engine and framework, as it looks like library but Non provides it's own CLI and packager. Only thing required when using Non is to have operating system and Java installed. Non will take care of rest. Isn't that awesome?

# release notes

In this release I fixed all bugs in Non. Also list of what I did in last
few and this release:

  • Added asynchromous resource loading (use non.load(assets) event) along with super sexy loading screen what is display during loading them.
  • Removed TILED support (sorry, I wasn´t able to make it work with normal coordinate system).
  • Totally revamped graphics, audio and input plugin.
  • Added some new events for handling input.
  • Removed need of entire res/ folder for new projects.
  • Fixed major bug with Lua integration what I do not noticed before.
  • Added non.exit method what will quit current game
  • Added option for changing display mode for desktop from non.cfg

# media

GIF of loading screen in action:

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