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This year again, we are nominated for Indie of the Year 2012. So please vote for us.

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Hi everyone,

It has been a long time since we didn't post anything.
Due to member personal requirements (mine included) we weren't able to work on SNL at good rate until Oct 2012.
Since Oct 2012, we are working very hard with this goal in mind : publish something for Q1 2013.
In two months we made substantials progress.

About a week ago, "Indie of the Year 2012" started, so we decided to make announcements to public.

This one is the first of a long series.

So what have we done in two months ?

Firstly we focused on making important objects like the Stargate perfect and very stable over the network.

This done, we completely rethink the weapon system and its relations to the character. So if before animation of weapons and arms on the character were dumb. Now it looks very good, no more instant movement, everything go smooth.

And by now we are working on menus and maps to have things easy to use for everyone.

Once this goal reached, we will enter in Testing phase and become focusing on paused features :

  • Replicators : we recently made a proof on concept that proved feasible to have those creatures crawling on walls, working as a group without killing the CPU with those hard AI taks. I will explain this in details in the future.
  • Ships : we wanted to have very big space to allow very fast battles and allow fighter to enter inside hangars, and walking inside the ship. Two weeks ago I found a solution to this problem that prevent any visual glitch and network issue : dynamically and per camera positioned scalable portals.
  • Atlantis

If you are still supporting us, please vote for us, and put SNL in the second phase.

A video showing progress will be available before the end of the week, so stay tuned.

Thanks for supporting us. Any comments is good and provide us motivation.

Speedy37, SNL Team Leader.

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