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Some of the non-balance related changes for Nod players.

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  • Nod Artillery once again uses the 'dark' texture theme.
  • Nod Artillery finally has heroic muzzle FX once it reaches HEROIC rank.
  • Removed Confessor squads + associated Black disciple upgrade. This does not effect the Secret Shrines 'Confessor' upgrade at all. You can still get Confessor squads via a crate pick up if you play with crates enabled.
  • Rocket squads can no longer benefit from the Blue tiberium mix upgrade. I have reached the limit of items that can benefit from a single upgrade and I decided that I would prefer the new Stealth tank to benefit from the upgrade instead.
  • SAM site from release 2 replaced.
  • Added night lights to the Buggy, plus added a firing animation.
  • APC now has urban camo + night lights have been added!
Urban APC

  • Chinook now has a 'dark' theme texture!
  • Nod harvesters wheels now turn and also have basic suspension.
  • Nod harvester now has night lights + plus wheel house colour is more noticeable.
24 hour harvesting!

  • Light tank & Linebacker both have night lights!
Night Ops!

  • Various changes designed to allow the game to handle the models more efficiently.
  • Nod Shredder hub replaced.
  • Nod C&C3 Obelisk replaced.
  • Nod C&C3 Stealth Tank replaced.
  • Nod C&C3 Warfactory replaced.
  • Nod Disruption Tower replaced.
  • Nod C&C3 Silo replaced.
  • New reinforcement power: Elite Cadre.

Changes since promotional news post began

  • The Nod Laser Towers 'Blue Laser' upgrade is now purchased per-object (cost $100) at individual Laser Towers. In order to purchase the upgrade it needs to be unlocked by the building the Nod Operation center.
  • Obelisk now costs $2000
  • Upgrades for the Obelisk now cost $1500 (per-object).
  • The Cabal efficiency upgrade will now add a sweep laser and increase the rate of fire by 40%.
  • The Darkness refit (now called 'Dark Crystal') will now increase the attack power by 50%, the range by 40% and allow for the targeting of aerial units.


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