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Balance adjustments that affect the brotherhood of Nod

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  • Price increased from $1000 -> $1200.
  • No longer gives double experience points to enemy units. (Now gives 1200 exp to match its price).
  • If sold it will now spawn a Light infantry squad. (Nothing is spawned if the Turret is destroyed).


  • Minimum weapon range increased from 100 -> 150.
  • Damage vs Structures increased to 125%. Because the Blue tiberium upgrade changes the damage type from the standard weapons 'GRENADE' to 'CANNON', the upgraded weapon hardly did any more damage to structures (structures have a higher resistance to 'CANNON' damage). This has now been remedied.

Rocket Squad

  • Unit speed increased from 48 -> 52, squad speed increased from 43 -> 47. This now matches the Light infantry squad. This means that the Rocket squads are still slower than the GDI Missile squad before they get the benefits from the Tiberium infusion upgrade, but are slightly faster after the upgrade has been researched.
  • Can no longer benefit from the Blue Tiberium mix upgrade. They are still pretty good.


  • Heroic Apaches Rocket pod weapon now does 150% damage to 'INFANTRY'.

Devil's Tongue

  • Special power time increased from 210s -> 240s.
  • Devil's Tongue no longer requires 'line-of-sight' to fire its weapon. If you target a structure that is behind another structure, the Devil's Tongue will no longer move around the obstructing building to use its weapon. It will now fire through the obstructing building to get to the targeted structure (weapon range dependant). This will allow you to make better use of the fact that you can do damage along the entire length of the flame!

Flame Tank

  • Range increased from 100 -> 150. This is taken from Kane's Wrath.


  • Removed the drop off delay that affected units that exited an APC. It has been decided that the removal of the 'collide pick up' was enough.
  • The APCs weapon no longer has a deflection limit + the APC no longer turns to face a target it is firing upon. It now behaves like other gun based vehicles.


  • Damage of Chaingun vs 'INFANTRY' increased 125%.
  • Damage of Stinger launcher increased 150% vs 'AIRCRAFT'.
  • Stinger missile range decreased from 450 -> 350.

Light Tank

  • Changed the heroic TOW launcher clip from 2 -> 1.
  • Reduced firing duration from 3s -> 0.6s.
  • Increased reload from 0.6s -> 6.0s. Changed the way the TOW launcher is used. Previously far too much time was taken up firing the double TOW missile, which meant that the tanks cannon was hardly used. Now the TOW fires once briefly, and then the tanks cannon is used while the TOW is reloading.
  • TOW missile damage increased from 1000 -> 1500. Has it no longer fires twice, but the tanks cannon has more opportunity to do damage.

GDI balance changes will follow at a later date.

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