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A description of the mapping environment in Police Brutality, and why I chose it.

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One of my major problems with most city areas of games, namely the cities in source mods such as ours, was that all the cities felt “dead”. There were little, if any people walking around who weren’t either a) soldiers, b) zombies c) aliens or d) zombiefied alien soldiers. In other words, there were rarely any just people. Another thing was that there were never any cars moving through cities, none of the noise and general bustle of a city, lights in buildings were rarely on, there were never many adverts placed around. In other words, they felt empty, as I said before, dead, nothing more than a playing field for the rest of the game.

In Police Brutality, I aim to change that. The entirety of the game is set in a huge city of Nocturne. A fictional metropolis that, true to its name, truly comes to life at night. Think Tokyo on steroids, that’s what we are aiming for. And it will be alive. Alive, but not necessarily friendly.

There will be no zombies in Police Brutality, no super soldiers with glowing eyes, no evil, messed up experiments wandering around and no aliens. There will only be humans, people, regular guys and girls that you would see walking along the street, there will be big gaudy adverts, high rise buildings (lots of high rise buildings), little fights and arguments happening on the streets, nightclubs, bars with the sound of laughter and drunkenness wafting out of them. It will be a living, breathing city.

However, the game was to capture the true savage nature of humanity, with no dress ups to compare it to. PB will set you in the shoes of Christopher Rowe, a regular guy, 27 years old, a car mechanic who is married with a baby on the way. However, he is accused of murder, Police storm his apartment with little warning, and viciously attack him and his wife. The next thing he knows he is being woken up in prison by a big man named Ryan claiming that they are going to get out of jail: Get out you do, bloodshed ensures. From there on in you are a wanted criminal, working with a gang. Your wife no longer trusts you, your friends drift away and the streets become a hostile jungle of concrete and metal. Police are everywhere, and they will be hunting you down.

But they are still the streets of a city. Whilst the average Joe on the street wont recognise you (and there will be lots of average Joes on the street.) so you will be able to blend in with the crowds. However, if a policeman spots you then they will open fire; the police force in our game will be corrupt thanks to the newest director of police. They will not care about civilian casualties. A regular day on the streets will easily become a full on riot. It’s a seemingly never ending battle and you will be smack bang in the middle of it.

That’s what we wanted to capture in Police Brutality, the true face of humans in a regular human society.

Look forward to seeing more map screenshots. We have the next segment of Urban Sprawl coming soon.


Sounds nice.

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Can't wait for this.

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