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The CS:GO Halo mod, with more Halo than it ever did.

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NOBLE Strike

now featuring more Halo than ever


NOBLE Strike 1.3

New Features

  • Classic Weapons
    • Ability to choose between Reach and Halo 3 weapons
      • MA37 <> MA3C
      • M6G Magnum <> M6G Magnum Classic
      • SRS99-AM <> SRS99D-S2 AM
    • Those weapons are simply reskins
    • Sounds are different
  • Plasma Grenades
    • Replace decoys
    • Stick to enemies and explode when they land
    • Deals damage through shield
    • Costs $800
  • Bubble Shield
    • Replace smoke grenades
    • Spherical shield absorbing all damage
    • Blocks grenades
    • Lasts 20 seconds
    • Costs $1000
  • Health Regeneration
    • Because of the lack of shield regen, health will replenish slowly
    • ODST sounds will play when your health is low
    • Depending on the gamemode they'll regen faster or slower
      • Slower on Defuse / Hostage
      • Faster on Slayer / SWAT
  • Announcer
    • Compliments you on your killing sprees, multi-kills
    • Announces the gamemode and various CS events (bomb plant, defuse, round end..)


  • Adrenaline
    • Now replenish shields
    • Only one can be in the inventory
  • Grenades
    • Now shakes players' screen
    • Propulse players and other grenades
  • Reworked buymenu prices
  • Streamlined weapon names
    • M6C -> Pistol
    • M6G -> Magnum
    • M7 -> SMG
    • M90 -> Shotgun
    • MA37 -> Assault Rifle
    • SRS99 -> Sniper Rifle
  • Added bullet dink sounds to Sniper Rifles when firing
  • Tweaked Assault Rifle's display, also has 32 bullets instead of 30
  • Moved all ammo counters from using bodygroups to sequences
  • Swapped back the MA37's firing sfx to Reach's now that H3's here too
  • Left handed weapon HUDs
  • FFA modes makes every player Green instead of having Red vs Blue skins
  • Footsteps sounds now use Halo 3 sounds
  • Removed now unavailable maps (use the workshop instead)
  • The whole Maps folder is now symlinked instead of just the workshop



This looks great! 😺

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