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Development Log Entry 1. Explaining some of the mechanics and where development is at currently.

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No Sound in Space to me is a fun shoot 'em up for the mobile space. For a long time now I've wanted to create a shmup that is both pretty to look at and hard to play at the same time.

I have downloaded just about every shmup for iOS, android and the OUYA. You will notice some elements from all of them in the game. There are some unique aspects of No Sound in Space. For example, the input, as one of the first systems in the game that I worked on is the ability to aim the canons for the player's ship.

The game also allows controller input for android and the windows ecosystem. The left stick moves the ship and the right stick aims the canons. For touch devices the left thumb moves the player ship and shoots straight if no right thumb is detected. The right thumb aims either the top or bottom canon. The top or bottom canon is determined based on the touch point of the right thumb. This way the canons don't shoot through the player ship.

Another unique aspect to No Sound in Space is that the player ship doesn't tilt when moving. I really disliked this aspect of a lot of shmups. When a ship sails through the 'verse it doesn't tilt. You will notice in No Sound in Space that the ship shoots air through the exhaust vents to move around as well as use the ship's thrusters. Stay tuned for Dev Log Entry 2 for more game mechanics. For a list of what I'm working on and what's done see here:


  1. Pretty Parallax Backgrounds
  2. Background Music
  3. About 10 enemy ship types so far
  4. Enemy Bullet system including direction, where to fire from, how to fire, when to fire
  5. Enemy damage system including explosions and air leaks at different damage levels. Where to have an air leak and where to explode
  6. Wave and Sub wave system
  7. Enemy highlight when damaged
  8. Random asteroids that will destroy both the player and enemy
  9. Random planets flying by
  10. Player health and specific bullet damage

What's to come:

  1. More enemies
  2. Game statistics including shots fired, hit, accuracy, # of destroyed enemies, # of destroyed enemies by Asteroids and waves survived
  3. A Pacifist game mode where the player just flies through the 'verse not hurting anyone. Friendly fire is turned on for the enemies and a super high rate of random asteroids is turned up to move through the waves.
  4. Any resemblance of a GUI

Thanks for watching!

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