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I've been working on this game in my spare time since 2010.

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It's finally time to come out of "stealth mode" development and show off my project.

I've been working on this game in my spare time since 2010. First by designing characters and sketching in notebooks. Only this year have I gone from unpublished demos and placeholder graphics to actually having actual gameplay that uses in-game art.

I now have a working executable and web build of the game that uses Unity3D. We're planning for a large release in the distant future on "all platforms". I'm coding gamepad, keyboard, mouse and touch controls.

I'm planning on having a private beta that spans several months, followed by release on Xbox One followed by other consoles, tablets, phones and (or course) desktops.

I don't know how long it will take me to finish Familiars Guild, but I'm a stay-at-home-dad with a day job (making games). This is a passion project that I intend to work on long term.

I'm in no rush!

Be sure to check out my many other games (, the 9000 person strong gamedev comunity I created ( and feel warmly welcome to connect with me on twitter (

Check out in the next few months.


- McFunkypants

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