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Finally 'No More Probes' is on Steam Greenlight and it has a brand new build 1.23.02 containing a new tutorial level and more.

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Finally my small personal project is on Greenlight and if you like what I do, make sure you click that 'Yes' button.

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'No More Probes' is my small personal project and can be best described as a survival game mixed with strategy elements, where you play as a homeless war veteran living in a junkyard, who happens to be humanity last chance for salvation.Scavenge junk-piles for precious resources with which you can build defense gadgets in order to fight back and repel the invaders. Collect 'power-ups', unlock new 'gadgets', learn how to use 'obstacles' and discover many 'secrets' while you try to kick some alien robot asses.

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Here are some of the features that are present in the current build 1.23.02

  • Unlock and upgrade 2 unique gadgets ( 5 more to come )
  • Choose from 6 Power-Ups such as 'Speed', 'Warp, 'Motion Tracker' ( more to come )
  • Uncover the secrets of many 'Obstacles' and use them in your advantage
  • Fight against evil robot invaders, each with it's unique behavior
  • Battle big bosses
  • Discover the truth behind Raptor people and many other conspiracies
  • Bonus stage
  • Day-Night cycle and different weather condition that will affect gameplay

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You can follow me - @atomoso

Vote for the Resistance on Greenlight

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You can give the game a try by visiting -


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