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so the other day I realized I was not working on Dungeon Disaster for a long time. i went back in to see what i could do and, to put it simply, I can't do anything

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I had been into the program and ready to play it in the program but, unfortunately, the program i was using had decided that now, the free version could only have a set number of rooms, objects, sprites, etc. and I was already past that limit on all of them. in order to do anything on my game i would have to erase what was over the limit, and make a new game as part 2. The only issue with that is that it would mean you would need about 3 different files just for what is already done, and I'm not paying $99.99 just so I can continue this game that I was barely doing anything on in the first place. the good news you can find in this is that there may be either a remake, or a whole new game, either of them being from a different game developing software that i found. Goodbye!

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