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As the title says, you no longer need Global Travel System for the mod, that is to say, the 0.23 version does not, you can download it...

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Download it HERE:
Patch Notes (7.June) Beta V0.22
-Jet quest should now be finishable
-You should now be able to travel back to the Wasteland
-Fixed some errors in Vala's dialogue
-MP5 ammo is no longer a red triangle
-MP5's are no longer bolt-action, they're automatic as intended
NOTE: Might be incompatable with GTS3.0, please stand by while we make it compatible

Patch Notes (7.June) Beta V0.21
-Floater Quest now completable
-A lot of navmeshing done outside New Reykjavik
-Fixed a lot of floating rocks and trees outside New Reykjavik
-Fixed some navmeshing in New Reykjavik and the Floater cave
-Food vendor now stands in the correct position
-You can no longer fall in the water outside New Reykjavik, which means you'll no longer get stuck there
-Decorated New Reykjavik exterior with more trees, rocks etc.

Also, think I've found which load screen is causing crashes for some people

Edit: I think the reason for the infamous Load Screen Crashes are caused if you:

1. Use Version 0.1, play it a little, start the main quest etc
2. Upgrade to Version 0.2 where the main quest gets started automatically, even though you're already on it etc.
3. You walk through a door and crash for some reason.

^ My character started crashing alot and I did those 3 steps, now when I made a new character I could complete the entire Main Quest without crashing once, I think a good temporary solution would be too disable Reykjavik.esp, load your character, exit Fallout, enable Reykjavik.esp again, note that this will erase all your progress in quests, items etc. that were added in this mod, you could also just wait a few days for me to find a fix, although there's not a 100% chance that I will find one

Patch Notes (6.June) Beta V0.2
Largest patch to date
-Put Wanamingos in the Wanamingo cave
-The Floater cave quest now gets added to your pipboy, includes map markers for all stages
-ALOT of new navmeshing, enemies should run away from you less now, and followers should follow you better
-Fixed some buildings in Old RVK that didn't have doors
-Renamed some of the interiors in caps such as "TENT HOUSE" to just "Tent"
-The Raider boss's name will now fit with the quest log
-Vault 227 no longer "123" in quest log
-Removed some stuff that didn't fit in: City Hall, Hotel Saga, Fire Dep.
-Put Jon from "Confidence: Coward" to "Confidence: Foolhardy" he should run away alot less now

Patch Notes (5.June) Beta V0.15
-Fixed weapons not using the new sounds

Patch Notes (5.June) Alpha v0.14
-Fixed a CTD issue with the mafia
-Fixed a red triangle (molotov)
-Fixed Jon's Dialogue
-Removed Jon from Megaton
-When you start the game you get a radio signal which tells you to come to Minefield Baseball Park + a map marker there
-Removed the radscorpions from the baseball park you see killing all the slavers.

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.13
-I think I've fixed all the bugs detailed in chrisfalloutnexus's post

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.12
-Fixed a bug that prevented you from listening to radio stations.

Patch Notes (4.June) Alpha v0.11
A rather small patch
-Adds 5 new hidden cakes, making it a total of 10 which was originally planned
-!!Important: Fixes a bug so that you can actually travel to the Wasteland, the new Vertibird is just outside of New Reykjavik!!

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