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No, the mod's not dead. I swear I'm working on the update, slowly but surely.

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Heya, Everybody. I've just got a quick update for everyone-- namely, the fact that I'm not dead, and nor is the mod.

I'm still working slowly on it-- I've got the assets lined up for the new monsters I plan to add, but I've discovered an issue with the mod mid-development while helping my buddy SilentZorah out with his mod ZAGE, namely making up the Bolognese addon for that mod, and the ramifications for the other Zorasoft mods.

Seems like the NashGore-based blood actors in ZX are overriding some of the Bolognese ones, so Bolognese isn't being as gory as it's supposed to be. Rest assured, I'll have that fixed by the time 8.0's actual release drops.

And, even though I swore to myself I wouldn't be putting any more weapons in ZX-- there's 65 of the damn things, for God's sake-- I'm gonna put one last gun in, called the "GigaBlaster", basically a weaker, high-speed BFG patterned off of the one from the recent film Doom: Annihilation. The only other way I'm putting in more stuff after this is if Doom Eternal has four more weapons I can adapt to ZX's flavoring, and after that, I'm cutting off any new weapons. I'm already pushing "content critical mass" as it were.

NOW! On the actual mod changes front...well, there ain't much. Been handling real-life stuff. I've been tweaking some weapons' balances to make them gel nicer, and some minor A/V changes are on the docket. The weapon that's seen the single highest amount of changes is the Vortex Rifle-- that thing's broken as hell-- in multiple respects-- in v7.3. It has been un-broken in the working build of v8.0, and will also be such in the release.

Until the next update, y'all-- stay awesome.


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