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The next version of the game will contain no Exp.

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In the next version of this game I will remove any Exp you will gain from fighting. The reason is I don't want this to be a grinding game, instead I have created items that works like Rare Candy from Pokemon.

Not only do the characters grow stronger by finding new weapons and armors, but now there are items hiding around in the world that you can use to level up the characters. This way I hope the drive to explore will grow, and you as a player will be driven to discover more of the world. I plan to make the game more about exploring and discovering, rather than fighting. But there will also be times where you have to fight, and places where, whether or not you chose to fight will impact the world.

There is actually already some decisions you will make in the game that impacts and fate of a town, did anyone find out what that was? There will be more of this in the future, the plan is to have lots of places where decisions you make impact the world. And this is not decisions where you have a text-box with a yes/no question, it's whether or not you fight someone, if you complete a quest before another, and so on.

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