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Sorry I've been inactive recently, school and personal issues have been getting in the way unfortunately. But fear not, I've been working and thinking away in the background.

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The State of Royalty

Númenorean King/Queen

Rules and owns all land, and has final say on
any laws or actions taken by government.

Ar-Pharazôn - 25th and last King of Númenor, usurped his cousin Míriel to take power.

Númenorean Prince/Princess

Rules provinces, and has directs and resolves inter and intra-province conflicts. These were not necessarily descendants or relatives of the Royalty, but were associated so by close familial friendships coupled with great bravery or intelligence. Given the sexism that came with Sauron's corruption of Númenor, no Princesses were ever appointed power under Ar-Pharazôn.

  • Herumor
  • Fuinur
  • Khamûl
  • Er-Mûrazôr (the Witch-King)

The State of Nobility

Númenorean Guilds

Each professional and government division has a
House or Guild, answerable to the ruler of Númenor and set with its own
hierarchy of business.

The Ciryatanians -
The best shipwrights of Númenor, and owners of merchant shipping ports. Resides in Rómenna‎, with branches in Eldalondë and Armenelos.

Ardamir Forgeries - A private, very insular and mysterious, weapons development team. Resides in Eldalondë.

Parmaitë Circle - Personal advisors to the King of Númenor, with administrative powers over the Númenorean economy and industries. Resides in the Houses of Lords.

The Minastery - The war council, who administrate weapons and mercenary contracts as well as serving as directors of warfare. Resides in the Minastery in central Armenelos.

The Wards of Ingolë - Practitioners of magic and lore masters of Númenor. Resides in the Monastery of Ingolë, on the Northern Cape off Sorontil.

Númenorean Titles

Númenorean Noble individual titles define their
powers and restrictions, reflected in-game.

Luimë-Hér - Shipwright owners
(10% off naval developments, 25% increase in build speeds)

Telpë-Hér - Efficient tax
collection (15% increase in Farm productions)

Ohtarnerion-Hér - Warlord
(15% increase in ally damage, 10% increase in attack speed)

The State of Followers


The merchants of Númenor, usually just living off what they make from


The common men and women who have part-time jobs to sustain
their families.


Woodland hunters of deer and wild boar sell on the Númenorean


Farmers of crops and manual labour forces.

The Unregistered States

All the underground commerce and illegal activity in Númenor; the
black market.


Labour slave traders


Worshippers of other faiths than Morgoth in Númenor were later outlawed.


Unregistered weapons forging and trading


Snatch slave trade


Substance market


Why dont you rename the Witch King to his most known non canonical name, Er-Mûrazôr.

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IreneHawnetyne Author

I think I might, yes.

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now, i can die in peace... :D

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