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Ever wanted to be a ninja? Sadly, that's not possible for all of us. That's why I made this mod. Now, everyone can have the feeling of being a ninja! Throwing knives, ninja stars, even a new ore.

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  • The blackish block is the ore.
  • After you have found the ore, you should probably put it in the furnace to get a Ninjite ingot.
    Posted Image
  • Then, you can begin crafting. The recipes for the regular tools are the same as normal:
    • Pickaxe: Posted Image
    • Sword: Posted Image
    • Axe: Posted Image
    • Shovel: Posted Image
    • Hoe: Posted Image
      • The Ninjite tools are slightly stronger than diamond tools.
  • You can also make armor (also same recipes as usual):
    • Helmet: Posted Image
    • Plate: Posted Image
    • Legs: Posted Image
    • Boots: Posted Image
  • Breather Helmet: Posted Image
    • This is a helmet which allows you to breath indefinitely underwater. It has the same strength as normal armor. The strange looking item that is used to craft it (other than the Ninjite helmet) is a breathing tube (found below)

    But wait there's more!
    There is also:

  • Shuriken (Ninja Stars): Posted Image
  • Kunai (Throwing Knives): Posted Image
    And the parts to craft them:
  • Ring: Posted Image
  • Handle: Posted Image
    • The dark blocks on the outside of the ingots are cloth. The cloth can be any color.
  • Blade: Posted Image
  • As with any ingot, there is a block that you can craft with them: Posted Image
  • There is also a Ninjite bomb. This bomb has double the explosiveness of normal TNT: Posted Image
    • There will be more types of bombs to come. I promise.
  • The previously mentioned breathing tube is crafted as such: Posted Image


  • Friendly Ninja: Posted Image

    • This ninja is friendly (as its name suggests). It won't attack you, and drops Ninjite ingots when killed
  • Evil Ninja: Posted Image
    • This ninja is unfriendly. It will throw kunai at you if you get too close. But, as a reward for killing it, you get kunai! As all evil mobs, it only spawns if your difficulty is on easy, medium, or hard.

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