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Farming has been added into the game along with new ambient music and sounds and death menus and durability.

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Sorry for the wait!


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Mousing over an NPC will now bring up a combat cursor:

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When walking under tree leaves the leaves become transparent.

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You can now farm! Simply search tall grass for seeds (right-click) and then walk over dirt and right-click on the seeds and place. The rates are high at the moment just for demonstration purposes.


[09/09/12 - Nightly 8]

- Fixed collison for NPCs.
- Added an "experimentative" fix for walking in multiplayer.
- Fixed cave spawning.
- Fixed items not dropping properly on the map on death.
- Fixed earthquakes in multiplayer.
- Fixed worlds not being deleted on perma-death.
- Fixed 'ghost' worlds.
- Fixed raiders in multiplayer.
- Fixed grammar issues with items.
- Fixed not being able to bleed after patching up a wound.

- Food can no longer give less than 1 hunger.
- Reduced the chance to miss.
- Reduced the disease rate even further.
- Increased the energy regen rate.

- Added durability to weapons and armour.
- Added farming; seeds must be planted in dirt (right-click from inventory).
- You can now search tall grass for seeds (right-click).
- Death menu everytime you die.
- Added a new overworld ambient track.
- Added bird noises.
- Tree leaves will now become transparent if you are under them.
- Combat cursor.

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