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-Cool looking troops.

-Troop variety.

-Horse charge can hit. Non armored horses can hit hard with speed (Khergit horses literally can do the scene of Rohirrim charge and Vaegir wolfs can go even further beyond)

-Strong last tier troops. Some units have "crush through" on their weapons. So many units to counter each other.

-STR is useful now. At 20 STR you can have a companion's set which is better than all armors can be bought. At 30 STR you can have a claimant's set which is even better. Or you can find King's sets in the hidden chest.

Companions are strong but can be killed. Kings and claimants are really strong but can be killed on the battlefield. They are hard to kill at sieges.

-Kings have large armies compared to any other lord and can run really fast on the map. (path finding max)

-Companions needs realy high wage.

-Bussiness have more income.

-In order to open a bussiness you need to have 10 relation with the city and 10 relation with the lord of the city. (Give everyone free wine option in the tavern takes 5000 denars and gives 5 relation with the city)

-Leadership gives you 10 party size and morale. If you are a king it gives you 30 party size.

-Bandit recruitment. With the high blunt hit of horse charges you can take more prisoners and take them to your army. Bandits directly upgrade to last tier troops.

-In harder version at first level you will see 150 man army Swadian lords and they will have 1/3 last tier infantry, 1/3 last tier crossbows, 1/3 Swadian Knights.

-Battle maps are huge. That's why i recommend using warband battlesizer. You can set 300 and won't get any lag spikes. I don't know about beyond but you might be fine till 500.

-This mod is very Native alike. But you are going to feel faction differences. In native every faction uses horse has heavy cavalry now only Swadia and Sarranid have it.

Swadians have more heavy armor,

Sarranid has most variety of all,

Rhodok is Rhodok and can counter it's both neigboors so easy to play as.

Nords have more agility and strengt but can be seen with naked eye, one unit almost can chase a horse by running with his agility. Nords will be countered by Vaegir wolfs because no horses to stop them so Nord is hard to play as.

Khergit is deadly in open field without any heavy armor unit. They have 40 armor in general. They can pierce many armor with speedy horses and a lance. They also can hit hard to non-mounted units just by horse charge damage.

All Vaegir units are now females. They have the least armor in the game (30) They have units both can fight melee and shoot bow and units just for shooting very well with a dagger on hip. And they have wolfs with no armor and only have 30 health to crush non-mounted units just by running.

Native archer's range is short its fixed also archers have more accuracy and damage. Every unit is strong but the most buffed units are ranged units compared to native.

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