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Progress is good on the Niehr Corvette (AKA Rheinland Gunboat). Renders are sped up too.

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Alright, Progress is good on the Niehr Corvette (AKA Rheinland Gunboat from freelancer ). Got the main shape down, just got to do a little bit of tweeking here and there. i am not too happy with how it turned out so i MAY start some parts over again. For this reason, no screenshots for you guys just yet :)

On the bright side though, i did a little optimization on my rendering settings in blender. Man, do i feel like an idiot. I've reduced my render times from up to 10 minutes per frame down to 7 seconds. Thats saving me 593 seconds per frame! or 13 hours of rendering per 100 frames. :D im pretty happy. So happy that i rendered a quick 360 (i hope? Apperantly ModDb screwed up my first video..) of the Condor (AKA Eagle from freelancer). The video of that should be up soon.

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