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Looking for feedback for NGU prototype! Come and give feedback and help shape the game!

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Hey everyone!

I've started a new project and in an attempt to ensure that I stay on the right track I've made a prototype and I am seeking some early feedback.

Click here to play the prototype in your browser!

W,A,S,D - Move the player (the purple square)
Mouse movement - Move around the gun (the dark blue square)
Left click - Shoot!

Win Condition:
You need to protect your ship (the large orange block) from the enemies (the light blue squares). If the ship runs out of HP, or the player gets hit, it's game over. If the player shoots all of the enemies, then you win!

Move around A LOT! Enemies come flying fast (I'll be changing that next build :D), so just keep shooting!

I'm looking for feedback on the player controls, enemy speed, how fun the game is, and whether or not there any frustrating aspects to the gameplay. This is only a basic prototype, there will be more in the final project, I just want to get player feedback on the game's basic elements.

I'll be updated every one/two days with new playable builds, so keep coming back!

Thanks guys!

- Josh!

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