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The next version with the big AI changes is now live! Apologies again for the long delay.

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I hope the new AI is more fun generally, but it is not quite finished either. But I did not want to delay the update further while tinkering on it. There's also a slightly updated quick game menu, which you can see in the sceenshot. In addition to the previous random map selection, you can also choose the map manually now. Graphically, I've added MSAA support, which seemed like a small addition at first, but actually showed a problem where all the fonts would be blurry on some hardware and not on others. But I got that sorted out, so here's the update.
For the next version, I'm looking to fine tune the graphics a but, to make some gameplay mechanics more apparent. I'll also be looking into gameplay changes again, and maybe add a super secret but super cool replayability feature.
As always, any feedback is welcome!

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