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I know this isn't updated with frequency, but I prefer to show work than write it up. The 2.9.8 version comes with a lot of fixes, additions and new events. A major reshape of the Siberian provinces, new tags like Pakistan and autonomous states under the Ottoman Empire. It's seriously too much stuff to talk about here, so I'd recommend reading the changelog. Don't forget to wipe out your cache when installing the new version!

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  1. V2.9.8
  2. Special thanks for the help of AFPG, Siberian Mod Guy and Baltic states party guy. Your work helped a lot, thanks!
  3. -Autocracy and Tradition NV now makes more people conservative than Order
  4. -Sunni and Shiite pops are now usually more conservative too
  5. -Added the Kurdish states that existed in Persia/Turkey/Iraq. Most are sunni, exceptions are Ardalan (shiite) and Bohtan (yazidi). Any (exception is Bohtan) of them can become Kurdistan if they are civilized and researched N&I.
  6. -Added the Yazidi religion. Bohtan is the only Yazidi state in the game. They can claim the Kurdistan cores if they civilize and research N&I. Yazidis are one of the least mobiles and less prone to conversion pops.
  7. -Amapa, an old small unpopulated province in the north of Brazil, got its population integrated in the Macapa province. It's now used as the Jezira province in the Ottoman Empire.
  8. -Fixed a vanilla province fort building location.
  9. -Changed the name from Urumia to Urmia.
  10. -Building canals now gives the nation that built it a core there.
  11. -The Ottoman decision that gave Misri as accepted now gives Mashriqi as accepted instead of Kurdish.
  12. -Lowered the Ottoman Empire and Paraguay starting Literacy. Ottoman Empire should start with 9% average literacy. Paraguay starts with 15%.
  13. -Tweaked infamy for some decisions for the Netherlands, Ottomans and the genocide one. The infamy gain was lowered in all cases.
  14. -Made Two Sicilies Reactionary party State Capitalism again
  15. -The NNM description now explains the war against Argentina is for a democracy there, not for the independence of Entre Rios.
  16. -Rich strata pops no longer immigrate to communist countries
  17. -New World countries only get their 400% vanilla immigration bonus if they are a constitutional monarchy, democracy or presidential dictatorship.
  18. -Fixed the Sikh Empire mobilization size so it's closer to what Rylock intended. Ranjint Singh will also hopefully get a few more years of life.
  19. -Drastic rework of the Isolation modifier to make more sense. Import Cost and Loan Interest were massively increased and some of the other effects were removed. Thanks for the input, anons.
  20. -Added a tag for the Principality of Samos and gave them Chios. They pay tribute to the ottomans and can be integrated later.
  21. -Reactionary Two Sicily party now has state capitalism
  22. -Reduced overall Greece starting literacy based on data from
  23. -Added an event for the selling of Kashmir.
  24. -Made so United Baltic Duchies (hopefully) don't apply for statehood in Germany.
  25. -Being mobilized in peace time now damages your relations with your neighbors, even allies, increases WE and diminishes the WE and infamy reduction.
  26. -Overall revamp of the AI tech priority.
  27. -Made sure Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan get released if Russia is dismantled. Added events for the westernization and for the organization of these cores, replacing the old NNM stuff.
  28. -Changed party loyalty NF effectiveness from 0.001 to 0.004
  29. -Ryukyu can't be inherited if it's a player
  30. -Added the Princely state of Chitral and gave them Chitral.
  31. -Added Pakistan tag and the decision to put cores in its place.
  32. -Made so Guadalupe Hidalgo doesn't bankrupt AI USA anymore.
  33. -Panjabi, Sindi and Bengali are not "indian" culture group anymore. This is made so these mainly muslim groups don't want to unify with India normally. They are Indo-Iranian group and get the same leaders and sprites as Indians.
  34. -Fixed a vanilla province name in the Caribbean being too messed up.
  35. -The FRCA capital now starts in San Salvador rather than Guatemala City.
  36. -Added a decision to form Pakistan. You need to have Baluchi, Panjabi, Sindi or Pashtun as primary culture and you can't be India, The Sikh Empire or the Mughals to do it. You need to be a great power and have revolution and counterrevolution researched as well as owning all the cores for the sikh empire, Kalat, Makran and Sindi
  37. -The UK now starts with Australian as accepted.
  38. -Fixed so that vanilla "factory safety events" that give reform desire don't happen if you don't have any factories (actually, any industrial score).
  39. -Added a Karen tag and the karen nation. Added a few protestant Karens in Karen-majority British Burma so they can convert to protestant.
  40. -Added a decision for the Durand Line and the settlement of the Afghan-Indian Borders.
  41. -Serfdom can only be re-enacted if you have an absolute or semi-constitutional monarchy. You can however, at the cost of infamy, issue a decree to abolish serfdom and re-enact slavery.
  42. -Made a decision and events for the Spanish conquest of Western Sahara and the Partition of Morocco.
  43. -Gave a fort to Madrid and Lisbon.
  44. -Kuwait now starts as a vassal of the Ottoman Empire that also can be integrated later.
  45. -Added a Maldives Tag and a core on the Maldives.
  46. -Balkan countries no longer get the "small but efficient" triggered modifier.
  47. -Monarchy Uruguay is not called "Cisplatina" anymore. It will be just called Uruguay.
  48. -Added a decision for Persia to end its Kurdish minors independence.
  49. -Changed so the Dar-Al Funun modifier for Persia lasts 10 years instead of forever. Wouldn't make sense for them to be an advatange over every civ because of one university.
  50. -Tweaked the Yemen decisions: You no longer need Aden, just the 4 states, and they can be your vassals or be in your sphere. This will also make forming Yemen easier as one of the sultanates. Forming Yemen as a GP no longer cedes Aden to them, you will keep it and you get a decision to cede the province to them (no alerts). All Yemeni sultanates now also start with core on each other, so conflict will be more common.
  51. -Fixed a vanilla map defect in the provinces in northernmost siberia and integrated the Siberia mod by anon.
  52. -Added catalan pops to Sassari on the basis of A third of the population is Catalan now.
  53. -Made events for the rise of Badr Khan, his conquests and the Assyrian massacre.
  54. -The deport poles decision no longer removes Ruthenian Cores
  55. -Croatia Independence decision now can only taken if they own the Croatia region and Dalmatia or Slavonia.
  56. -Changed Japan's color. It stays the same old as an Absolute Monarchy and only changes once the government changes from that.
  57. -If Romania unites and it's still an ottoman substate it will convert to a puppet instead.
  58. -Added decision to unite North Yemen with Yemen.
  59. -Merv renamed to Chardzhou. Merv was destroyed in the 18th century.
  60. -Changed the Kazakh-ruled area. Most of Kazakhstan was dominated by kazakh nomads, so no real control of the land. A lot of the provinces were made empty. Some that made part of the Khivan influence were added to it, and I double checked all of central asian borders. Bukhara and Afghanistan gained quite a few cores.
  61. -Removed the channel islands strait to stop French AI from garrisoning Caen. Reorganized the French military so now they start tidy.
  62. -Rebalanced the Conscription sizes from the reform. The gap between reforms is 2.5%. The maximum gap (Mandatory Service vs No Conscription) is 10%.
  63. -Changed so the Sunda Strait makes "Indonesia" written across the two islands (Java and Sumatra) rather than written once in each island.
  64. -Indonesia cores now spread up to New Guinea.
  65. -Added events to the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909
  66. -Integrated flagpack v4
  67. -A free Samos will apply to join Greece.
  68. -Malta and Heligoland LR reduced from 35 to 30. They are small islands so there shouldn't be any bonus in pop growth besides the normal ones.
  69. -Changed Nagano and Kobe RGOs, giving Nagano to Kobe and vice versa, so Imperial Japan stops producing only tea while an unciv and everyone there starves as a consequence. They will starve a little less.
  70. -Made sure the UK is not affected by the liberal reforms events.
  71. -The Empress of India decision now, together with a monarchy, will trigger the Empres of India triggered modifier that will last as long the main cities in India are a colonial posession and the government is a monarchy. This modifier will do the same thing as before (prestige and research gain) but it will also improve ruling party support, diminsh social and political reform desire and core pops militancy by a little bit. This is to simulate the stability the empire enjoyed.
  72. -Made the events for the Massacre of Bedr Khan, it's rise and fall from power. Mostly based on "Aboona, H. Assyrians, Kurds, and Ottomans: Intercommunal Relations".
  73. -Changed Maritime Union color to differentiate them from the FSA.
  74. -The badboy gained from inheriting Egypt in the Oriental Crisis was diminished from 5 to 2.
  75. -The event for the Egyptian Surrender now makes Egypt a puppet of the ottoman empire but stops the event for the Ottoman empire to inherit them. This is done to represent the the limited rule of Ali Pasha that came with the Egyptian surrender and their obligatos to the Ottoman ruler.
  76. -Implemented the Lithuanian party names/policies change suggested by
  77. -Decision for Argentina to rename Falklands to Malvinas, the UK also gets one decision to rename it back.
  78. -Prestige hit the Ottoman empire takes for other countries helping them during the oriental crisis diminished from 5 to 1.
  79. -Sweden starts with 10 prestige like the other Civilized nations in europe. Nice try Johan.
  80. _______________________________________________________________
  81. V2.9.7
  82. -Fixed so Russian can't suddenly integrate UBD or TCA. Later that will be changed so there will be a war, but for now they just don't integrate.
  83. _______________________________________________________________
  84. V2.9.6
  85. -Fixed Trarza cores in the desert.
  86. -Fixed Albania not joining a player formed Yugoslavia.
  87. ________________________________________________________________
  88. V2.9.5
  89. -Arab Union now has a decision to get cores in the Maghreb
  90. -Sicily now loses its cores once Italy forms
  91. -Tweaked the Wallachia/Moldavia decisions for the Ottoman Empire
  92. -Reverted the Fort Fix for uncivs because it was screwing up the province interface. Fucking building modding is hell.
  93. ________________________________________________________________
  94. V2.9.4
  95. -Added Pernambuco as a Tag, re-added Adamawa as a sokoto substate
  96. -Reworked pops in Punjabi/northern India: Delhi was an island of Punjabi (now it's more spread near delhi) and places like Allahabad barely had muslims
  97. -Reworked Mughal cores to make more sense and be a little bigger
  98. -Reworked life rating in Africa so colonization works from the outside to the inside and the heart of africa is one of the last things to be colonized.
  99. -Central Bank Decision modifier no longer affects tax efficiency.
  100. -Added two generals for Spain and two for Portugal at the game start. Fixed the name of the conservative party of Portugal.
  101. -Added Duchy of Limburg and events for its release and annexation. It can also spark a crisis.
  102. -Changed FSA adjective from "free american" just to "american".
  103. -Corrected a vanilla description that didn't properly add a new line.
  104. -Made so Muslim pops are less likely to emigrate from muslim countries.
  105. -Tweaked the deportation decision that expels poles from G-L and sets Ukrainian cores.
  106. -Reduced AI aggression against uncivs a little bit.
  107. -Added a decision for free United Baltic Provinces to select the future of the country.
  108. -United Baltic Provinces now start as a russian substate, with russian cores. The Russification option for them integrate the territory in the Russian Empire. This change is based on (Similarly to guberniyas of the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland, the Baltic Governorates until the end of 19th century were not a subject to the common civil and administrative laws of the Russian Empire). North German is the primary culture. See
  109. -Changed the name of democratic PBC to Andine Federation
  110. -Latvia starts with Protestant as their religion, name changes to Iskolat if they turn Communist.
  111. -The Khanate of Khiva now starts with the turkmen regions that were persian. Hopefully, this means Persia has a little more time before Russia comes breathing down their neck. Persia didn't lose their cores there though, as they had claims in the area, and they only lose if a civilized nation takes the area. The change is also based on, event though who owned what is kinda nebulous.
  112. -Arab Union tag is now less overpowered - only countries with misri/bedouin/mashriqi primary culture can take it and it will gave cores in countries with that primary culture. Maghrebi/sudanese/tuareg are not accepted anymore, and now the Maghreb/Arab Union have clear "spheres" of formation/influence - Arab Union gets Egypt, Levant/Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula while the Maghrebi Union has all the countries up to Lybia. Added a decision for the Maghrebi Union to claim the Sahara up to mauritania/Lybia line.
  113. -Fixed the reform that built a fort for uncivs to actually build a fort
  114. -Increased the MTTH of the NNM emboscada event so it is less likely to happen every time. It still happens and I couldn't find a satisfactory option to include, so try to not have any revolts while the maria da fonte revolution started. Also made the revolution happen only in mainland portugal rather than anywhere that Portugal owns.
  115. -Added a flavor event chain for late game Russia
  116. -Added a flavor decision for sunni/shiite countries
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