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This article will go over the current state of the mod and what new features are coming with the next release.

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Hello everyone!

It's been quite a lot of time since I have updated the moddb page. As some of you know, I am most active on the discord channel. That is the best place to get information on the mod, and to join just go to the taleworlds forum page and you can find it there.

Ever since I released the first version (then titled 467) I have done a ton of work to the mod, fixing bugs, adding new features and overall polish. Here's is a list of some of the new features that will be coming with the next release:

8 new factions, such as: Iberia/Kartli, Lazika, Thuringians, Langobards, Jutes, Scirii, Mauri, Ripaurian Franks, Salian Franks, and the Huns

6 new cultures: Iberian, Lazikan, Eastern Germanic, Romano-Mauri, Langobard, and Hunnic

9 new minor cultues, several new bandit types

AOR recruitment

Start as king

Overhauled start as lord

Religion system with 4 major religions, 2 minor

Several Unique quests + events

Overhauled just about all of the assets in the previous version

Overhauled banners (similar to VC styles)

Overhauled (some) troop trees and their equipment

Loads of new scenes

Most companions finished + new companions

Other than that, there are tons of new minor details, such as loading screens, menus and more. If you'd like to test the most recent release, join the discord!

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