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As the downloads skyrocket we take a look at whats next to come.

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Seeing as the Aftermath 0.75 and Wolf 359 pack have been nicely released (wolf 359 pack only avaiblabe at bcfiles), we take a look at the near future.
What is next on the agenda, what has been done, and what is still in progress.

What has been done in the last couple of weeks.

Recently I have been working on rebalancing all ships for the upcoming packs, I already started working on the TMP pack when i realize the values of Hitpoints had to be so low it would be almost impossible to make it balanced in the earlier era's.
Doing that took a while mainly because I just put off the work. But finaly it has been completed.
However during the rebalancing i did continue work on new models wich some of you may have seen in the screenshot galery, more on that later on in this article.
Also i have started to outfit all excisting ships with the ability to launch shuttles and fighters, this freature also allows for more ship designs for other races (a klingon Vorcha with a diferent pod for fighter launching.

What is soon to come.

Soon you will maybe see a small release with new hardpoints and shuttle launching capabilty. If not it will be included in the upcoming TLE pack. The TLE pack will contain ships from the "missing" era of star trek, between star trek 6/beginning generations and TNG this will include ships as the Enterprise B Excelsior Refit class and Enterprise C amassador Prototype class, also for other races will there be ships with some unique ships never seen in Star trek Bridge command or Legacy. Included in this pack will also possibly be some addons to the TNG era, such as the Venture Class (Galaxy subtype) and the Sovereign Refit (nemesis sovereign) and some Nebula class variations as the Phoenix and NX-Nebula. For other races this will probably mean things like Vorcha and Neghvar Variants with the possiblity of a D-7 Variation pack. If all goes well the TLE pack will be out within 2 months, the reason for this long time is the simple fact that it will be HUGE.

Stay tuned

Max Loef

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