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Problems with stat balancing and integration. Also tech tree. So i offer a parallel OC mod to test out wild mechanics.

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So theres the issue of balancing and integrating the new units/brigades along the vanilla ones. So far I kept untouched the few custom unit models made by Kretoxian from the TTEP mod and copy pasted model stats for the other new units majority (ie: the mbt units in the files are the same as medium armored units) as place holders. But there will be massive issues to balance things out, and i havent figured out the desired stats mostly.

Another thing is the tech tree, i wish to remodel it. Transform it away from the vanilla HoI2-DH gamey layout into a more realistic and pragmatic approach (ie no 40 different infantry tech, or ). Integrating new units into the tech tree will take time, remodeling it will take a huge amount of time.

Would people be ok if for the 1st open release, with tech tree ready "playable" new units, the stats were vanilla?

OR If I release a 3rd, final, preview release. And work on balancing stats privately.
WITH a release of a totaly unrelated mod, used as a test platform to try my hand at balancing.
THEN later make several open releases with custom stat new units.

(Mod would be a simple post apocalypse setting. For either choice I promise release in March.)

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