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Its been a while since an update but im back with some good news.

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Its been a while since the last aftermath pack has been released.
Progress has been made it may not seem much but there is ALLOT of content wainting to get released, as the original plan was to make a TLE pack the work on that got pretty far but wasent finished. I Moved on to the TOS era. I had to remake my old models because I lost the original files so it was gonna take a bit longer.

Now the federation and the klingons have been completed i will release those very soon as the klingon federation war pack. It will contain 6 ships for both races. the klingon ships have not been shown here or on any other place so be prepared for a surprise.

After this release work will commence on the Romulan incurion pack. This pack will contain ships for the TOS era aswell as some TNG era ships.

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