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After the release aftermath will go down a path that wil ensure continued addons for the mod.

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As you all have seen aftermath 0.75 have been released, as some of you might have realised the ships have no icons. I realised that myself and they will be fixed in a soon to come small patch wich will also include some small ship addons, mainly for the romulans and klingons.

The new patch will most likely also include the first custom starbase in the mod aswell as an enhanced drydock model.

Further down this path we will continue to release small packages of content. This can go from ships, to weapons to new script and star systems. we will also begin to work on implementing Galaxy Charts 2.0 by USS Frontier into the mod with the very usefull era scripts wich we will surely use to make aftermath a very fun to play and very rich in content mod.


- Max

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