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Info on the upcoming patch. Some game mechanic updates, and new units.

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Hey guys.

I'm currently working on the next patch. It should be out by the weekend.
It will include a revamp to the unit speed. I recalculated the in game unit of speed and adjusted all of the units to reflect their BattleTech flank speed value.I did that calculation based on unit travel time with 1 units of speed over a distance of 630m using weapon ranges, got the time, did some math, and it looks like 1 ingame unit of speed equals 30kph. That being said now all units feel right when it comes to speed, especially the Mech animations.

Also I'm looking at adding 3-5 units , all at Tech 1, cheap early game units.

Preliminary patch notes:
-Speed value of all Mechs and Vehicles adjusted to reflect BattleTech values.
-Schrek PPC Carrier added.
-Striker Light Tank added.
-Harasser Missile Platform.
-Saracen Medium Hover Tank
-Condor Heavy Hover Tank (Davion)

If you did not notice these are all the low end vehicles from MechCommander :p


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