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Okay maybe i am annoucing too soon,but i want a team now,anyone who like my idea and wants to help are welcome.

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Getlemen,i apresents you my next mod(for Half-Life 2):Creepypasta

But wait,you are now saying:-Why you are announcing this now?You don't even completed Portal:Origins!

That's right i will complete Portal:Origins first to after make this mod,i am just gonna form a team for him,because it's complicated,i mean make a few moddels for him gonna be a long work and because of that i am in a search of who are interessed.

And yes,i still need to buy Portal 2 to begin mapping Portal:Origins(sorry for that),but the mod will keep alive until i done with him!

Now back to the next mod,as the name title, he gonna make transport you in the world of Creepypastas,for who don't know:Creepypasta is a terror story and can be writted or can be a video.

The primary storys i have planned to do in the mod is:

-Ben(Haunted Majoras Mask)
-Username 666
-Marble Hornets

That's the onlys i can transport to Half-Life 2 dimension and still makes perfect sense with original story(other storys i will see later),thanks for attention and have a nice day.

-LucasSM13 creator and mapper of Portal:Origins


I would like to help

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