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After an extended period of hibernation, the VYG group is coming back out into the spotlight!

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When this group was created back in late 2011, I had grand plans for the group and how it would grow into a large, self-sustaining resource for modders and developers allike on both the modding, indie and commercial scene.

I set out recruiting voice actors to take part in this venture, but I did the mistake of mostly recruiting voice artists from other sites, where they primarily attracted voice talent interested in flash animations and fan-dubs.
Thats not to say these people were lacking in any way, far from it, but the interest wasn't there.
I half-way excepted them to be as interested in voice over for games as I am, if not more. Sadly, this proved to not be the case, and in droves they turned inactive on moddb almost immediately after joining.

This, in connection with myself getting lots to do, kind of made me turn a somewhat blind eye to the group, as by that point there were only three of us left and I talked to these guys over skype or steam on a very regular basis and I knew they had stuff to do and were working hard.

Today, with newyears looming on the horizon, my plans are no less grand in scope. I still intend this group to become a major resource for moddb. A nexus for voice actors where developers can find what they need, and where voice actors can learn and exchange experiences.

Something else is also new with the advent of 2013. I have noticed a surge in the amount of voice actors on moddb. In the five years I have been part of moddb, I've never seen such a sudden increase like this, but I like what I am seeing so far.

So to end this article, happy new year to all the members of the VYG group, both old and new!
Happy new year to moddb and all it's comer's and goer's, and may the new year bring along a host of new and interesting opportunities and events!

- DragonNOR

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