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Although there haven't been much visible updates during the past two months, there still is alot going on behind the scenes. What that would be? Read it inside!

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Progress on FX
FX is still under active development, but right now the focus seems to be on the FX: Empires project. The team has recently finished the testing of v0.1 (Closed Alpha) and is now working on v0.2 Beta, scheduled to be the first public release.

The latest progress on Empires can be checked at the forum:

FX Tournament
Our forum and the guys over at are trying to organize a large scale FX Tournament. Before we rush to creating a schedule though we are looking for people who are interested in participating. Skills do not matter, everyone is kind of in the same league. Even stock Hw2 players can join in and participate as the Hiigaran and Vaygr are pretty much the same in FX.

For now I would like to invite everyone reading this over to our forum and vote in the topic we have made for it in the Interactive section:

Again, no need to worry about a rush. We will first see who is interested in a tournament and who isn't, after that we will ensure we can find a solution to any technical problems one may have with his/her version and the difference in timezones.

If you have any questions either post them at the forum or reply to this news post. We hope to be able to welcome as many people as possible to this future tournament!

Forum Project
The staff of the forum is also actively working on a HUGE forum project which should be finished soon. Let's just say that it will make the boring, current skin vanish with its awesomeness and should make your forum experience alot more fun.

That's all for now folks, remember that you can check the latest changes by visiting the forum unless you don't mind waiting for me to post a news bulletin here.


Excellent update :)

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hey dude,, thanks fo the update,, looks really good cant wait for it..

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the FX Tournament link doesn't work.

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WildHeart|GENESIS| Author

Actually, it does work but there was a small error in the permission settings that allowed guests to only see but not read topics. Anyways, its fixed now.

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