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Don't worry, I'm not dead yet, and this mod either !

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I've been very busy during the last months, I'm still a student and I've not much time to mod on Gladiators, but I search some ideas while I'm working in class. Like heroes for the IG, stuff for the angry marine (rocket fister or helmets for ex), global abilities (who said angry drop pods ?), etc etc...

Moreover, I'll try to buy a new computer, so I could mod more easily at school (I'm boarder)... So don't panic, I've not worked so hard on this mod for 2 years now to throw it to the bin... It's just a need of time, I think I'll ask god to create 30h-days... But you've to know that my priority is my degree to become engineer, but once I'll have it, I'll have much more time to kick sum ass on Gladiators :D (but i'm affraid that DowIII will be released before I'm finished with this mod...). Oh, and I'd love to make a tower-defense mod, I've already done some tests, to see how hard it would be...

I'll had some pics of my little progress soon :)

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