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Whats new in Inscribe,what have been worked on and a simple roadmap for the next 2 weeks

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A lot of happend from the date of the last news , had some rl matters to take care off before I was able to work on the project again full-time, and I hope to continue development of the game without any big breaks now

Within the past week I finished the whole new server and client fundaments for management of map aka "playground" of the game ,this includes:
-loading playground from server after logging in to the game
-dynamic loading of map as you move around
-sync of clients with server playground-wise while mining new tunnels
this all was rewroted or designed from scratch after I developed the new concept of playground (how the map works )

The next big things to do within the next week or two:
1)optimize how the game handles player movement
2)implement a database for the server to store player and playground data
3)optimize the engine a bit
for all the 3 things to do i already have good idea how i will do them so its only a matter of time before open alpha test will come :) .Btw if there happen to be some people on the forums that re interested in this little project i may host a quick alpha -test for that group too so they can see how the game works so far and discuss it :D

If you have any questions or would want just to talk about the project fell free to join the forums at

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