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Contains a link to the game and the games current amount of zones.

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Ok, here are some of the current areas:
First zone, The kid's passage:History:The kid's passage is the zone that will start your adventure. The kid built this after being named 'The Guy' to remember when he wasn't so amazing. The construction of the passage is strong enough to attempt to stop intruders but poorly made. The Kid spends many of his days here. To get to his hang out you must pass the invisiforms of death!Collecting the secret:Once you have got to the room with the spike that crushes the blocks, activate the spike, then head back to the room before. You will notice that a block has dissapeared. Enter the newly formed hole, collect the secret then get out of that slim passage fast!First Boss, The Kid:Tips:When the battle begins, head right over to where the kid is standing then jump over him just as he starts to run past the spikes. Once he bashes into the wall, shoot him! Then, as he jumps round, stay in the very corner until he is about to land then move quickly. Then repeat the process.Second zone, The dragons pass:History:Through the perilouse spike corridors and rooms, lies the 'Final Fantasy Dragon'! He sleeps in a hidden place, and shooting his hidden place, may well awaken him. He hasn't ever been known to deal damage to anyone, but he does carry them up to the 'Pass Of Peril'. It is said that killing him may reveal a secret passage.Collecting the secret:Once you have passed the stalking spikes, you will find yourself in a room with grassy floors. Once you have got to the top and made the block fly up at you, go through the now opened gap. This will force you to head all the way back through every room. But, you may well find what you are looking for.Third Zone, Pass of Peril:History:Evil, cruel and painful. All perfectly accurate words that will describe your jouney through this area. This room has been around for many years and it is said it is haunted (not true). But, Hard Core Block dosen't believe this, so I'm afraid your gonna have to go through the rooms nicknamed 'place of pain'!Second Boss, Bill Rizer:Tips:For this guy, your gonna want to get to the very right hand corner of the screen. As the boss is totally luck based, I can't give you the best tips, but here is a few. If you think the boss is about to run at you, shoot him in the face while he stands. The bullets get stuck in him and deal maximum damage! Try to stay at the edge of the screen at ALL TIMES unless your trying to hurt him while he stands.Fourth zone, Mist valleyHistory:Built in the eyes of mother nature, this evil, auto scrolling stage built by Lemmings, the popular game characters, to remember those who died from droping really far... (Yes, they have set traps)Fith zone, The guys 'Crib'History: After the guy first saw a apple/cherry for the first time, he realised what it could do. He placed it in an empty room, hanging from the ceiling, waiting to stalk anyone who came into the presents of the guys crib!! Origonaly, the guy had nothing in his crib, but he added a hell load of spikes and even an indoor in to it too make it a homely to him as poissible!Third boss, The guy:Tips:Umm... Hmm... shoot him? I dunno. I really have no tactic for this guy. He has 100 hits... does that help? No? Ok, when he reaches 25 hits spikes fly from the floor. Does that help?!Fith Zone, Benton's roomHistory:Benton was a great god. He stored an energy ball in his room (this zone) but it was mysteriously stolen by a black block with devil horns. Having lost the energy ball, Benton fitted a security system to prevent people stealing any more great dangers.Sixth Zone, Tenton ChambresHistory:A deadly place. Killing mechanisms in every corner, random bits of outer space and evil stars off of unpopular games. Yep, it is basicly hell.

So yeah, there are a few of the zones and their history!! Any ideas? Post them please!!

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