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Overview: - New server and forums back up - - Role changes - Recruitment

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- New server and forums back up -
- Role changes
- Recruitment

Evening all, we're back!

After much toil and anguish, we have a new (and better) server and thus have got our new forums online, and will in the near future have a full website. The domain has changed, we're now at (/forums, for now). Sign up, we're feeling lonely - we lost the old forums' database when the old server was wiped so everyone has to re-sign-up!!

Furthermore, the great pie-making, baby-eating master in the sky, Noret, has been shaking things up! The first round of housekeeping this year sees these appointments:

  • JediMasterJL - Promoted to head of modelling dept.
  • S-t-n - Moved to 'the dark helper in the shadows', currently hanging around the sound dept.
  • Chris (me :P) - Promoted to Mod Sub-Leader
  • Krystal - Head of Sound

Finally, we're still recruiting, and this looks like it'll be shaken up with some pro-active movement and appointments for it - and we're also looking into training people who volunteer, though please don't come ask to be trained from scratch!

*Places British-style trilby back on head*

Goodbye again, til next time!


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