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Announcing an update for the mod that fixes bugs and improves the mod as a whole.

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Hello everyone. I'm here to announce an update for this mod. The update is called Half Life Modern Warfare 2.0. It will fix bugs, improve maps, improve dialogue and other stuff. To all HL: 28 Days Later Fans, don't worry because HL:28DL is still my main project. I'm simply doing this to fix some things that bothered me and a lot of people about the first release of this mod.

Complete list about things that will be done in this update:

- Improved maps

- improved dialogue

- improved models

- improved textures

- bug fixes

- removing copyrighted music

- changing menu music

- removing useless things from the mod folder

- spec ops mode (bonus missions)

- added info_nodes to maps (improving AI)

That's all folks! Finally here are some images of what's to come:

bandicam 2021 09 04 14 26 28 791

bandicam 2021 09 04 14 26 43 835



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