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Hello, I wanted to inform you that there have been many changes on the modern military project and other projects that I will explain to you later. The modern military project there have been many advances on the regards for new factions and with new vehicles. the game has been improved to make it more realistic and to balance the pvp (obviously the damage of the tanks and infantry will be that of reality, but as far as the balance is concerned, we mainly talk about the prices of the units etc ...) The sounds have been totally changed for both the weapons and the voices of the soldiers. like for example you were their commander hearing every conversation and every action that takes place is being performed by the soldiers. Now I want to warn you that this project will not be released very soon as a full version but as a pre alpha mod. because I am running several very big robz (CTA) and World at war paradox (Mow2) projects.

Robz CTA: I'm trying to help ipnam to improve the mod.

Robz CTA:

World at war paradox:

World at war paradox: And a big project that I was working on and thinking about to create it on mow2 with a new history and new alternative wars and battles and with "new uniforms" and evolved uniforms and changed throughout history. The real bomb for world at war are the tanks and the infantry, there are many possibilities to fight and heavy tanks are not always I can help you ;)

That's all.

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