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Beta testing atm, if you would like to get a chance to beta test before demo release pm me.

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Concept ArtScreenshot

Newest version of Endless Legacy V 1.4 open beta is out now!

Endless Legacy beta v1.4

Will be awhile before next version which will be updated to v2.0, with major update including spellsystem, more sprite animations, talent tree, dynamic texture tile generation for more unique dungeons &

Multiplayer CO-OP ! *6/14/2019* Development on HOLD, might continue or not we will see.

Endless Legacy teaser from V1.3 open beta

Main Menu




Garry The Barbarian! Pixel drawing by me Azaxor.

Garry The Barbarian

Changelog v.1.1*
Changed gui
Buttons now react with hover/active/click
New blood particle effect where ever you click both ingame and on main menu.
Changed font
Added background on main menu and various other stuff
Added item "thousand truths" at lvl 24
Added some new enemies and adjusted stats on some current enemies aswell as on some items.
Theres a hidden easteregg in main menu see if you can hit the right buttons.
And some more things have been added / changed.

  • Gameplay features:
    Top down view camera - with programmed mouse scroll zoom in and out script and camera view switch on button "B".
    Procedurally generated infinite dungeons
    Character stats and character GUI window with equipment and level up.
    Health bar, mana bar, experience bar
    Inventory GUI - drag and drop items on all GUI windows and move them around freely on screen.
    Randomized Loot system with over 150 different items ( but always expanding )
    Randomized Monster system with over 100 different monsters ( but always expanding )
    Potions, scrolls, upgrade books.
    Turn based roguelike gameplay & permadeath
    Increasing monster difficulty and types aswell as loot and rare loot chance
    based on your characters level.
    Endless leveling possibilities, Nice atmospheric music - sound FX for: items,player, and different sounds for all monsters. Kinda permadeath in a way that you cant save, but you can restart with same char, in future we will have many chars to choose from before spawning ingame.

  • Gameplay mechanics & features for the future:

    Spellsystem - learn spells from new talent tree GUI window, and learn new spells through picking up books.

  • Diablo like mana and health gui - 3-4 Different classes to choose from
  • More sprite animations ingame aswell as more coloured dungeons, more tile diversity aswell.
  • Multiplayer - Online Co op
  • Dynamic dungeon generation, tile generation, even more random and better looking dungeons!

Thank you for checking the project out and or following :)

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