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First info about the game. A bit of data on main character and genre. And of course the firsts screenshots.

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Hey everyone,
First thing first, let me introduce myself, I’m Meguido a Co-Founder of Fatbros and a programmer working on this title: A Punishment for Mai.
I’ll be taking care of the majority of the updates on here so you’ll
know who you’re reading to and who you’re commenting to :)

So yeah, right now there’s not too much i can say about the game, so i’ll point out what i can say:

  1. Name: A Punishment for Mai (you didn’t noticed yet, right?=P)
  2. Genre: 2D-Action-RPG (old school zelda’s like kind of)
  3. Story & Background: Supernatural Horror
  4. Recapping: We can call it Horror-Action-RPG
  5. Main Character: A woman called Mai (yeah! that’s it!) which you can see in the pictures below.
  6. There’s also another woman as PC too, called Lucy.
  7. 5 Chapters will compose the entire game. We will be releasing them
    separately as we’re finishing them. So you don’t have to wait much to
    get to the first chapter.

Ok so no more info this time. Now some screenies as a ” 'til the next time (entry i mean :P) “. So please stay tuned for more!

Shot #3
Shot #2
Shot #1

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