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Mass Effect at War 1.0 is a modification for EAW FOC 1.1 .

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News Mass Effect at War 1.0Der mod ist zur Zeit nur für den Gefechtsmodus im WeltallFür alle die noch mal fragen, Die Musik Ist von den Original Soundtracks (Alle gekauft),die Hälfte der Modelle und Texturen stammen aus den Original Modellen aber nicht aus dem Original Spiel, es handelt sich um Opensource die es Frei im Internet gibt und nicht um geklaute Daten aus den Mass Effect 1-3 SpielenDer Rest der Modelle wie die Raumstationen oder ein Teil der Reaper, Allianz und Cerberus Modelle oder die Asari Modelle stammen zu 100% von mir, und ich werde auch nicht mehr auf diese sinnlosen Themen nicht mehr eingehen.


1 Alliance

- Alliance Kreuzer- Alliance Schlachtkreuzer- Normandy SR2- Asari Schlachtkreuzer- Quarianer Fregatte- Turianer Fregatte- Leviatan- Alliance Jäger- Alliance Kanonenboot- Alliance Landungsschiff

Alliance Sternenbasis St 5 (erstmal für alle 5 Stufen)

2 Cerberus

- Cerberus Kreuzer- Cerberus Schwerer Kreuzer- Cerberus Jäger- Cerberus Landungsschiff- Cerberus Kanonenboot- Cerberus SR1

Cerberus Sternenbasis St 5 (erstmal für alle 5 Stufen)

3 Reaper- Geth. Kollektoren

- Reaper Zerstörer- Reaper Kreuzer- Reaper Schlachtschiff- Geth Kreuzer- Geth Jäger- Harbringer- Sovereign- Kollektoren Jäger

Kollektoren Sternenbasis St 5 (erstmal für alle 5 Stufen)

Fortschritte Mod Version 1.0

Spiel Test Version 1.0 70 % FertigEinheiten Name und Einheiten Beschreibung Version 1.0 20 % FertigEinheiten Modelle und texturen Version 1.0 100 % FertigEinheiten Modelle Sternenbasen Version 1.0 100 % FertigLevout Version 1.0 100 % FertigProjektile und Sounds der Projektile Version 1.0 100 % FertigMusik aus Mass Effect Version 1.0 100 % FertigHartpoints schiffe und Stationen Version 1.0 100 &#xOr;iginal Spielkarten Gefechtsmodus Version 1.0 100 % Fertig

Änderungen Version 1.1

Neue Einheiten

- Turianer Jäger- Kollektoren Schlachtschiff- Kollektoren Fregatte- Alliance Zerstörer- Cerberus, Fregatte

für alle Drei Seiten Verteidigungsahmlagen

Für alle Drei Seiten, Einzelne Sternenbasis Stufe 1-5

Eigene Karten für den Gefechtsmodus

English translator

News Mass Effect at War 1.0
The mod is currently only for the skirmish mode in space
For all the questions again, the music is (bought all) of the original soundtrack,
half of the models and textures are from the original models but not from the original game, is open source, there are the things on the internet and not stolen data from the Mass Effect games 1-3
The rest of the models such as space stations, or some of the Reaper, Alliance and Cerberus models or the asari models are 100% by me, and I will not dwell no longer on these meaningless topics.
1 Alliance
- Alliance cruiser
- Alliance battlecruiser
- Normandy SR2
- Asari battlecruiser
- Quarians frigate
- Turian frigate
- Leviathan
- Alliance Hunter
- Alliance Gunship
- Alliance DropShip
Alliance Starbase St 5 (first for all 5 levels)
2 Cerberus
- Cerberus Cruiser
- Cerberus Heavy Cruiser
- Cerberus Hunter
- Cerberus DropShip
- Cerberus Gunboat
- Cerberus SR1
Cerberus Starbase St 5 (first for all 5 levels)
3 Reaper Geth. Collectors
- Reaper Destroyer
- Reaper cruisers
- Reaper battleship
- Geth cruiser
- Geth hunters
- Harbringer
- Sovereign
- Collectors hunters
Collectors Starbase St 5 (first for all 5 levels)
Progress Mod version 1.0
Game Version 1.0, 70% finished
Units and Units Name Description Version 1.0 20% Completed
Units models and textures Version 1.0 100% finished
Units models starbases Version 1.0 100% finished
Levout Version 1.0 100% finished
Projectiles and the projectiles Sounds Version 1.0 100% finished
Music of Mass Effect Version 1.0 100% finished
Hard Points ships and stations Version 1.0 100%
Original cards Skirmish Version 1.0 100% finished
Changes Version 1.1
New Units
- Turians hunters
- Collectors Battleship
- Collectors frigate
- Alliance destroyer
- Cerberus frigate
for all three sites Verteidigungsahmlagen
Level for all three pages, single Starbase 1-5
Custom maps for skirmish mode


hey, you plan more things for cerberus as well? At the moment they have less units than other factions and seem too weak compared to rest. You plan to make more units, like shadow broker ship or other quarian ships :)?

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thomas39120 Author

I will also have the same number of units for Cerberus and Reaper come as the Alliance

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Leviathans in space... For Alliance... Very, VERY strange...

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that is not strange. the leviathans are allied withe organics against the reaper and they are space suitable.

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much better, no more confusion and can't wait to see the new units, btw you might wanna find a new translator some of your words are jumbled because some translators cannot translate grammar from different dialects or just simple spelling errors.

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thomas39120 Author

German man may in bad English the compiled

apart from the fact I make the mod in German language and German text and just like any other text English my mods, you do not really interest me or English, the text easy to understand because I do not speak Englich

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I just wonder will this have ai support?

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I dunnu about others but in my game I may have found a bug (or all my ships all have terrible aim) but a tech 5 cerbrius station seems to be invincable just due to the fact the stations addon of a cerbrius cruiser on its but my ships shots go right through the hard points. As a result at tech 5 there unbeatable in my game if they get that high in tech.

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Nvm after rebooting and doing a few more games the station does blow up

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