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Ok, this is for people who want the answers to question.

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  • Q: Is This Pre alpha?
    A: Pre Alpha it is! currently, still in devolpment
    Q: I hope you have Plenty of Weapons to screw around with.
    A: Indeed, once I figure out Why me CPP files are not Exporting to game (i use notepad to edit them) The Throw Speed will be increased (allowing Bikes to be used as weapons), The Kantana is currently under way, There will be a wrench, we are gonna keep the shotgun with Purple Checks, its a rather Decrotive touch.
    A: Yes it Is, planned to be in Thirdperson to :D
    (outside Moddb)
    Q: What Day will the Obsolete store open in Game
    A: Day 2 or 3, depending on the Stock
    Q: Will there be a suicide bomb
    A: Yes there will, for when you get cornerd :P
    Q: Is this Resemblence to Mortewood Plaza
    A: (After researching "Mortewood Plaza) Another Zombie Mall mod, No, Its based on Dead Rising and Dawn of the dead, this is based on a zombie walk picture, and the Part in Land Of The Dead Road to fiddlers green when you go into Fiddlers green, and the Open Area after That zombie breaks through the wall in the bank.
    Q: Will there be Headcrabs?
    A: The npc will remain, but, they will be invisible, it'll be used as The PARASITE in the game (invisible)
    Q: Achievments?
    A: well its something for players to boast about except "YEAH I KILLED 1,00000000 Zombies"
    Q: What will the opening be like.
    A: Just a video of the Player Getting up with the Frank west Music (my Cousin Owns the Soundtrack)
    Q: Will there be a Outside are like in Dead Rising?
    A: No, on day 4 maby, since the ending is EPIC, and a bit sad, it all ties into the Sequel.
    Q: Sequel?
    A:Yes, Its planned, but its a diffrence Story, Alex Greeves will apear but at the end.
    Q: Will the Map Remain Cuby?
    A: it isnt very cuby now since i discoverd the CLIP tool.
    Q: on the video the holes in the wall look cubed, Why?
    A: Me and my dad Demolished a wall one, I smacked it in the center, it came out nice and Cubed, untill i knocked out the Corners, (Hospital for 2 months :'( oww.... )
    Q: whats the music on the Alph/ Early Beta video
    A: Bored Again- Dead rising soundtrack, thats all i know.
    Q: Will marcus Be voice Acting.
    A: No
    Q: Survivors in the game?
    A: you can save them, but not permently, by the looks of the new Zombie Respawn System, The Survivors are Dead anyway.

    Ok The long Faq is over now for something else

    Devolpment Updates

  • Zombies now Spawn, so its impossible for the mall to be empty.
  • Metrocops now work as a team
  • Maintanence Tunnels Are Now Offically Swarmed.
  • Zombie Screen Count Increased, 100 Zombies on screen at a time.
  • Blood for Zombies is now red
  • Escalators
  • A cute cat in the Obsolete Store.
  • Players dont need to jump anymore to get to the Obsolete Preview Store
  • Sawblades now in Obsolete.
  • Fixed Bug Where Zombies Fell through the floor, and still killed you
  • Fixed Bug when at the title screen A survivor would escape, and the whole Pack of zombies wll follow
  • Fixed Bug when Players Clipped outside the mall (i used Npc Clip not player Clip :S

Now here are my problems
When i edit the CPP files for Npc_zombie, It dont Work, Someone explain, i use notepad if that helps.
When i import Skins For crowbar (my Freind Made them) i rename then like the Katana For Example. I load it up after i copyed and pasted the Crowbar Script and Put in their Model, And Bam ERROR help please.
What the Hell is BrickBat

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