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Update on how things are going with the map and I AM STILL RECRUITING!!!!!!

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Overall, decent progress is being made on the map. I have had my operation now (2 weeks ago, nothing major) and will be in a sling for 6 weeks. But I am still working hard on it despite my recent inactivity. I've been thinking of new ideas for the mod such as different outcomes for missions if you fail an objective (wouldn't affect the actual historical story line but could make the player feel more in control of the game if implementing this is possible). I also will recommend downloading a sprint mod for Call Of Duty 2 as you'll need this with this mod (when you are charging into enemy machine gun fire). As you can see from the progress I am making it will take some time to get this map finished but like I've said before, at least this map isn't just for one mission. This map has been designed for sniper missions, hence it's size. I haven't really touched re texturing and modeling as I have no experience and want to get the foundation done first. But again, like I've said before, if anyone wants t help, they're more than welcome. It's a hard undertaking to do this mainly on your own and I don't think I could of even finished that crappy demo map without the help I've been getting from other experienced modders. I also visit the Imperial War Museum n London tomorrow in order to help me with historical research as the internet and books only help you get so far and they let you take pictures there.

If you want to help me with this mod. Just email me at or PM me on here. I'll respond very quickly :)

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