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After a bit of a hiatus, the mod is back on track!

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Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates. I've started work on the mod again, after getting frustrated with being unable to pin down some event bugs that caused the game to crash. I've decided to break down the mod into 5 (for now) phases that will help release this mod at a regular pace, and will also help me isolate bugs. A beta version of the mod will be released after each phase is complete.

Phase 1: Replace Player Weapons/Drones/Augments/Ships

This phase is already under way, and will replace all things centered around the player. It's also the only phase with due dates listed on the board. I've given myself about a week per ship to get everything done, including weapons and drones. It's estimated to be completed by December 30th of this year, so you should have something new to play with by the new year. Having said that, there may be a chance that it will be released early as I am already two weeks ahead of schedule, and a lot of the ship graphics area already completed.

Phase 2: Replace Store Items

The player ships already come with a wide array of weapons that are on them, however you can purchase some that are not found on the ships at the start. This phase will replace those weapons.

Phase 3: Replace NPC Weapons/Drones/Ships

This will be another long phase, as there are a lot of ships that come with FTL that need to be replaced. The ships aren't even listed on the Trello Board, as I have yet to enumerate them. This board will be updated while work continues on Phase 2.

Phase 4: Replace Events

As you can see, there are some tasks missing from here as well. This is where we hope to make the story a bit more interesting. More details to follow.

Phase 5: General Tasks

This phase will be happening concurrently with the other phases as time (and interest) permits. As bugs are found, I'll add them here as well, and when this phase is all complete (along with the previous 4 phases) we will finally have a Version 1.0 on our hands.

Once these phases are complete, the mod will be nothing more than a reskin of the game (minus the fact that most cloaking devices have been removed from player ships). The next steps after that will be to rebalance the game to better fit the Star Trek universe, and get rid of minor inconsistencies (such as Federation ships firing disruptors). You can follow the progress of the mod on the Trello Board found here: and I also want to thank you for your patience!

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