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More websites have been contacted for release of the Windows and Linux version. Still waiting for Desura. Html5 is not able to use the Project Druid game.

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Greets all,

Well I have contacted more websites for possbile distrubution of "Project Druid" about 7 more. So the waiting is on. Desura is still on hold, maybe this week. Which is normal with all the games they get offered. I know I promised a HTML5 version for level 1...Ehh, because of the shortcomings of HTML5 I am not able to convert the first level to it. As what I have found with research is that there are problems with collisions and performance. Which is exactly the problem I am having. The performance is to cry and the enemies can kill you but you can not kill them.

Will keep you posted

Have a great day everyone
Jim Tasdemir
Shortcircuit Design

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